Tafton Fire Company operates engines out of two locations: our headquarters on Route 507 and our second station in Tanglwood Lakes.

In addition to two fire engines, the company also operates a rescue unit, Tanker Supply and a support unit.

Jaws of Life

During emergencies, when a few wasted seconds can cost lives, the Jaws of Life allow rescue workers to remove trapped victims from the wreckage.  We often read about rescues that used the Jaws of Life. What is it? How does it work? Jaws of Life is not a tool, but refers to several types of piston-rod hydraulic tools known as cutters, spreaders and rams, which are used by trained rescuers working as a team.

The spreader is used to pull pieces of the structure apart, or it can be inserted into the side of the vehicle to tear a section out. The cutter is used to cut through the vehicle like a pair of giant bolt cutters. Some “Jaws of Life” equipment combine the cutter and spreader into one machine. The ram’s function is to push apart sections of the car (or other structure). For instance, a rescue worker can place a ram on the door frame and extend the piston to push the dashboard up, creating enough space to free a crash victim.